Monday, September 22, 2014

Purple Cow

Twenty-five years ago, Dad planted a Concord grape vine that a friend of his brought back from California. That one vine, that Brady patiently trained over the years to create a pergola, provides welcome shade on hot summer days. The vine also yields enough grapes to make gallons of delicious grape juice. Making grape juice is a time-consuming process, to say the least. After picking the grapes, I pull them off the stems and sort out all the spoiled grapes. I fill my biggest pot (3-gallon) with the grapes, mash them and bring them to a boil. I strain the juice from the pulp in a colander and let it sit in the fridge overnight before filtering out the sediment. The result is well worth the trouble.

Our kids thought it was really something special to have Purple Cows during grape harvest. They are a much healthier alternative to Root-Beer floats.
Purple Cow
½ cup grape juice
½ cup carbonated water
1 scoop vanilla ice-cream
Pour the juice and the carbonated water in a glass, add the scoop of ice-cream.

Vache violette
1 dl de jus de raisin
1 dl d’eau gazéifiée
1 boule de glace vanille
Verser le jus et l’eau dans un verre, ajouter la boule de glace.

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