Friday, November 7, 2014

Fig Rolls

Figs are the last fruit we harvest from our back yard. I’m the only one in the family who eat them fresh, but you can only eat so many fresh figs! Years ago I found a way to process them for later consumption. I use 100% figs or 80% figs and 20% applesauce because that’s what we have in abundance, but you can try your own mixture. I take these along on hikes and long runs. They are also great for school snacks. Don’t forget to peel off the cellophane before eating!

Fig Rolls
Cook and purée the figs. Add a few tablespoons of sugar if needed. Spread cellophane on a cookie sheet, tape down the edges. Spread the fruit purée evenly onto the cellophane (1 pint per 12-15 inch cookie sheet). Slowly dry in a warm oven on lowest heat with the fan running and the oven door ajar to let moisture evaporate. I dry 2 sheets at a time. It takes anywhere from 3-4 hours. When dry, cut into strips, roll up, and tape to keep from unrolling. The fig rolls will keep 6 months or longer.

Figues séchées en bandes
Cuire et mixer les figues. Ajouter quelques cuillères à soupe de sucre si nécessaire. Scotcher de la cellophane sur une plaque à biscuits. Etaler la purée de figues uniformément sur la cellophane (5 dl par plaque de 30x38 cm). Sécher au four à air chaud à 50° avec la porte du four entrouverte pour laisser s’évaporer l'humidité. Je fais sécher 2 plaques à la fois. Il faut de 3-4 heures. Une fois sèches, couper en bandes, rouler, et mettre un peu de scotch pour éviter qu’elles ne se déroulent. Les bandes de figues séchées se gardent 6 mois ou plus.

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