Tuesday, September 1, 2015

World Cake

After 12 years in Geneva, some good friends from Church are moving back to the States. This past Sunday was their last worship service with us, followed by a potluck. I asked another friend what she suggested I make them as a going away cake. The world cake was her idea, but I had to come up with a pattern for it. The shape was no problem; I made an applesauce cake in a large round Pyrex bowl. I colored some fondant blue for the water and tan for the land. After spreading on a layer of Vienna cream frosting, I covered the whole cake with the blue fondant. I traced a map, retraced the outline of the continents onto the tan fondant with a toothpick, then cut them out with a sharp knife. The tricky part was transferring the land onto the ocean. South America and Africa ended up being too far apart, which left no room for Greenland or Great Britain. Oh well, maybe not too many people noticed. As a finishing touch, I added a white fondant cruise ship in the middle of the Atlantic. 

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