Monday, February 22, 2016

Lausanne Joue

Lausanne has two ludothèques. Instead of lending books, these libraries lend toys and games. The Pinocchio has been around for 40 years and La Cigale et la Fourmi for 20 years. They got together and organized a big anniversary weekend: Lausanne Joue. A friend of mine who volunteers at the Pinocchio asked me to bake the cakes for the event; two 3-tiered cakes with decorations to match the flyers and posters. Needless to say I jumped at the opportunity.

I was there to cut the cake right after the speech by one of our city official. Kids were coming up to me asking if they could have a dice, a car, a marble, and if everything was edible. Yes, every bit, and every bit got eaten up. 



  1. So fun to see your some of your talents displayed. What kid wouldn't have wanted a piece of that?

    1. thanks, Kathryn!
      come on over for your birthday and I'll make you a special cake :)