Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Epiphany Kings Bread

Dad’s parents didn’t remember when he was born. He celebrated his birthday on May 13th, but that was the day he was christened. His parents wanted to name him Stephan, but the priest insisted his name would be Epiphanius. So it’s very possible he was born on January 6th, St Epiphany Day. Of course he loved that holiday. The tradition here is to share a sweet bread shaped like a wreath. A dried bean (or a porcelain king) is hidden in one of the section. The person who finds the king gets to wear a crown that day. I use the same recipe as for St Nicolas bread men. One recipe is enough for two wreaths formed with eight balls. I have a collection of porcelain kings from the local bakery where Dad bought his kings bread every year.
Dad and Justin
Justin was often the lucky one

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